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Vizsla Puppy Testimonials

"Mark and I had been considering a dog for several years and after extensive research we decided to explore the possibilities of having a Vizsla take over our lives. This eventually led us to Russ England of 'Russ England Vizsla.'

I chose Russ England Vizsla because Russ was a thoughtful communicator form the very beginning, and we had meaningful conversation about his dogs, my background and experience, and our mutual expectations, I could tell he genuinely cared for his dogs as family members and I felt I would receive a lot of ongoing support once I purchased one of his pups. (I keep in contact with Russ a few times a month to updates him on how Piper is growing, he is always happy to hear from us. one year celebration is around the corner March 17 2017). The way in which Russ breeds and raises his Vizsla pups is remarkable. His breeding program and rearing techniques are outstanding.


Our puppy, Piper is bright eyed, healthy and strong. She is a wonderful, incredibly intelligent animal with a great disposition. She is inquisitive and not the least bit skittish or fearful. She is great with people and other dogs and has been a joy to be around since day one. Separation anxiety is not in our dog's vocabulary. Piper came to us at the age of 8 weeks and is the best pup EVER. She loves being in cars, trucks, running on the beach, sailboats, on docks and wharfs and walking trails where we meet adults, kids, dogs and horses, and in a host of other environments too long to list.

While our dog's many positive attributes are part of the characteristics of the breed, we are convinced that Russ England breeding and rearing techniques have a lot to do with how well his Vizsla dogs learn and adapt as they grow up in a new environment. On our daily walk, we often run into fellow ' Vizsla people'. All of them are happy with their choice of breed. Several have dealt with Russ England and all sing him praises. I would like to thank Russ and (the Russ England Vizsla "team") for the role they've played in our lives in making it possible for us to live with a cherished family member "Piper". We can't imagine our lives without our wonderful Piper, and it is a privilege to be her caretaker, even though sometimes it truly is the dog who are taking care of us. We will be loyal and lifelong customers and friends to Russ England Vizsla. In closing, we must simply say that if you are looking for a Vizsla dog that is great fun to have around and train, we HIGHLY recommend the "Russ England Vizsla" and if you decide on this breed, get in touch with Russ England. There is no way you will be disappointed. Kind regards,"

— Mark & Marcia B. - Secaucus NJ

Puppy Sleeping

"Our beautiful 13-week-old Vizsla puppy has now been with us for 12 days, including three days in the car back to our home! He is healthy, playful, happy, and our vet says he's "perfect!" We think so too, and cannot thank you enough! We never thought we'd find a puppy to replace our first Vizsla, but he's doing a great job, and hunting already — I had to fish a mouse out of his mouth this morning!"

— Diana & Buzzy

"Our family purchased two male vizsla pups from Russ in march, 2016 and we couldn't be happier with our boys, Copper and Bronson. They are great! I keep in contact with Russ and he is always available with advice or just to chat about my boys! When I am ready to add more to my crazy pack, he will be who I seek! I looked for many months at rescues and breeders, Russ was hands down the nicest and easiest to work with! He made sure that his pups were going to forever homes and chose two litter mates that would be good living together!

Two Male Vizsla Dogs

He made certain we knew the commitment and work that would go into raising two puppies. He was fair and  honest! Our boys are happy, healthy and just beautiful! Hands down, best breeder!!!"

— Cyndi & Tom - St. Louis

Couple With a Dog

Puppy Sitting On the Grass

"We bought Athena from Russell only a few months ago. Her nickname is "Cinnamon Lighting" because when she runs all you see is a flash cinnamon go by. She is extremely fast and highly intelligent. Since she is working breed and she is currently training to become a Trail Dog. She already knows all her basic commands and sign language. We are so excited to watch her grow, learn, stumble, have good days, and bad. And I wanted to share with you a little bit about Athena and why she is so incredibly special to our family.

Josh and I have been so blessed to have Athena apart of our lives. She is such a beautiful soul. There something to be said about having such a special dog. Athena has a heart of never ending love; the kind of heart we only strive to have. There are days where I haven't been the best version of myself and I failed her. But the look in her eyes never changes. She looks at me like she always does and that's with compassion. She never fails at forgiving and is always there when you need someone to console to.

Thank you Athena for allowing us to be apart of your life single every day and teaching us how to love deeper. Without you sweet girl our lives would be very empty. Happy 5 months old sweet girl! I hope we given your life as much fulfillment as you've given ours. We can't wait to see what the future holds!

After waiting several months for a puppy from another breeder, I learned that there had been complications and only one puppy had survived, and unfortunately, my name was not first on the list. I was heartbroken. I'm an avid walker/runner and had been looking forward to having a companion to keep me company on my hiking adventures.

I immediately went to the AKC website for a list of breeders that had puppies available in nearby states. I carefully read all of the information on each and contacted the breeders that appealed to me. Russ England replied within minutes. He answered every question I had, forwarded pictures of the puppies parents and past offspring, and the parents pedigrees. I was immediately taken by his warm manner and his obvious love for the breed. I went no further and quickly put down a deposit for a pup. While waiting for the puppies to reach the 8 week mark, Russ sent weekly texts, photos, and videos to keep me updated on the puppies progress.

I could not have made a better choice. My puppy Jett, is now 6 months old, and he's the light of my life. He is the smartest dog I have ever owned and hands down the best snuggler! Every time we walk, run, or hike, people stop to ask what type of dog he is and always comment on how sweet and handsome he is. He's becoming a star on Instagram and our vet says he is one on the best examples of the breed she has ever seen. I have been also been very impressed by his innate hunting drive and instincts with absolutely no training at all from me on that front. We have completed two obedience courses so far and are getting ready to do a search and rescue course which I know he will love and excel at.

Dog On a Walk

Dog Retrieving an Item

Dog Running

I highly recommend Russ England Vizsla's to anyone seeking a reputable breeder of quality vizslas. In my opinion, you could not get a better pup or a more knowledgeable, caring, responsive breeder than Russ."

— Brenda B.


Evie with Her Owner

"We contacted Russ earlier this year (2017) in February. I wanted the runt from the first liter, I knew it from the start – but Russ was very nice and said that he wanted to wait and see the personalities of the pups before we pick. So, I waited and coincidently picked the runt out of a picture of the pups.

My husband went to pick her up all the way from Southern California and brought back our youngest fur baby, Miss Evie. We cannot tell you how much stress and craziness that Evie has brought into our lives, we also cannot stress how much we absolutely love her and are so thankful for such a sweet girl. She is almost fully grown at 11 months now, she weighs 44 pounds and has a smaller face than most Vizsla’s we have seen. She is petite and is gorgeous.

Evie has been going to obedient classes with my husband on the weekends. She is the star pupil, according to the instructor, whose first words out of her mouth when she saw Evie were, “Oh crap not a Vizsla.” Apparently they are known for not being easy to train, but not in Evie’s case. We are now in advance classes and soon she will train for AKC Good Citizen. 

She is VERY smart and extremely inquisitive. Evie loves meeting people, she is very affectionate with family and people she knows, she is a quick learner, she loves going out to football games or camping, and loves playing with her sibling Kili, a 14 pound Shih Tzu.

For anyone who wants a Vizsla, be warned that they are VERY active. You have to keep them entertained or they become bored and that’s NOT a good thing. These dogs are sweet in their temperament and they are lap dogs, no matter the size. We have had a lot of people tell us that Evie is the most obedient Vizsla they have ever seen. I doubt that, I think with the proper training and family all Vizsla’s are obedient and wonderfully sweet. Evie has been asked to model for a dog leash company – we’re still thinking about it. We love how much smaller her face and frame are, she is our beautiful baby girl and we cannot stress how much we are blessed to have her. Thank you Russ! When it’s time to have another one – in the next 2-3 years, we will come back to Russ.

We just love Evie so much, she needs a sister that she can show the ropes to. If you are having doubt about one of Russ’ pups, please don’t – Evie is one of the better things that has happened to our family this year. Your pup will be just as perfect, we promise." 

— Jason & Kimberly Rogers

"I wanted to let you know that Skye had a great hunting season. She learned very fast and did an excellent job for me. She has an excellent nose and very strong prey drive. Skye is a relentless hunter and never seems to tire. She ranged properly and worked back and forth nicely between my hunting partner and I.

I was amazed at how well she held point and locked in on birds. I can't wait until next season to continue her training.

If you are looking for a Vizsla with natural hunting instincts, Russ has your pup."

— Cris Fleharty

Skye Ranging.Skye with Birds


Hi Russ it’s Bob Dorward and Re’z, our first season together with birds every time we go out, his nose finds them every time!! Best bird dog I’ve ever had!! Thanks again.

— Bob Dorward