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A Tradition of Excellence...

  • Loyal and Devoted
  • Agile Pointers and Retreivers
  • Energetic
  • Versatile
  • Loving

Pedigreed Vizslas from the Heart of America

At Russ England Vizslas, we breed championship-stock dogs that make wonderful companions or competition animals. These pups are carefully bred from a long line of winning dogs by Russ England, a Kentucky native who has settled in Augusta, Kansas. He is dedicated to improving and preserving champion Vizsla bloodlines and sharing these excellent hunting stock and super pets. Pedigrees are also available on request.

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Vizslas PuppiesVizsla Puppy

Vizslas Puppies

Add a new Vizsla hunting dog to your family today.
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A Tradition of Excellence

Eight new puppies were born on August 22, 2017! There are four male and four female puppies ready for adoption. Contact us for pricing and check back for updated photographs and additional information.

There was also a second litter born on September 8, 2017, and this litter has the same father as the first litter. We have five males from this litter available for $800 each.

Mission Statement:

We look to raise some of the finest hunting dogs that can be found in the US.

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